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About Us


BondingTree is the FIRST initiative in Eastern India to provide W.H.O. standard Pre-marital clinic. It is a joint venture initiated by Dr Shamik Das and Dr Bappaditya Mishra to help future couple for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Currently, we are providing our services from rooms of Ruby General Hospitals.

Typical to developing countries like India, very often household serenity waves away due to health issues of your loved one and turns once vibed dreamed life into delusion. This kind of situation often extends to domestic violence, extra-marital affairs and many-a-sort undesired complexity (social, emotional, physiological).

We head started our journey  with the mission to spread awareness among the youth generation to take up medical and systematic approach prior to marriage, along side social & cultural norms.

Our endeavours also embraces all of you who have already started walking the married life.

Experienced doctors are there to guide you through medical tests, physiological processes,  psychological methods and your socio-economical strata.

Do hesitate but still take initiative TODAY, and the rest assured. We will highlight the path for you to a Good Life.--